Community volunteering
Greenwich Park

Volunteering as part of Greenwich Park Revealed

Greenwich Park Revealed enables us to expand our volunteer opportunities substantially.

Volunteers allow the Royal Parks to deliver so much more than staff alone and offer opportunities to learn, connect or simply “give something back”.

We are so grateful to our current volunteers who have already helped us deliver many projects. 

All volunteers will be fully trained and supported

  • We have diverse opportunities including: 
  • Butterfly surveyors 
  • Rangers 
  • History Researchers 
  • Guided Walks Leaders 
  • Mobility Buggy Drivers 
  • Horticulture Volunteers 
  • Health Walk Leaders 
  • Community Archaeology volunteers 
  • Visitor Counters 
  • Events Assistants 
  • Practical Habitat volunteers 

A huge thank you to all our volunteers for all they have done. 

Thanks very ‘mulch’! In just one of many projects our wonderful volunteers helped us maintain the soil biome of our trees – in other words – helping maintain all the beneficial organisms that live in the soil. 

They spread a heap of woodchip (180m3 of it!) around the sweet chestnut avenue near the Roman Temple - including around some of the park’s oldest trees. They did a fantastic job, and the trees will no doubt benefit. 

The woodchips are being used as ‘mulch’ – material used to help aerate the soil, alleviating compaction and attracting burrowing earthworms. As the chips compost down, they nourish the tree and help hold moisture during hot, dry weather. 

Hear it from our volunteers: 

‘“I’ve been bowled over by what I’ve learnt during my time as a Ranger - and I’ve made new friends. Everyone has their special areas of interest and we pick up facts from each other. One Ranger might be knowledgeable on the local history, while another might be studying horticulture and knows all the plant or tree names - or someone will know all the different types of birds, bees and butterflies. It’s a fabulous way to learn. We’re all so different: male, female, varying ages and backgrounds, yet everyone shares the same passion for the park.” 

Cindy Sheehan, Volunteer


  • Volunteer Ranger and a member of the public

    Volunteer Rangers

    Help conserve the wildlife in The Royal Parks by becoming a Volunteer Ranger