Longford River in winter
Bushy Park

Welcome to Bushy Park

Over 1,000 acres of historic parkland lies waiting for you to explore!

Things to see and do in Bushy Park

Bushy Park is an ancient landscape. A world of rolling grasslands and grazing wild deer, of elegant cascades, waterfalls and water gardens, of quiet woodland paths and chestnut avenues.

Make Bushy Park your great escape

Whether you’re just here for the day, or you’re a Bushy Park regular, there’s a huge amount to see and do here – and a lot of space to do it in. Bushy Park is the second largest Royal Park, and its history stretches back over a thousand years. Its 300 deer have been free roaming since the time of King Henry VIII. If you want to discover more about the history and heritage of Bushy, or its abundant wildlife, do join one of our free monthly walking tours.

Cycle, swim, run or bowl in Bushy Park

Runners flock to Bushy Park on a Saturday for Parkrun – in fact Parkrun was born here. Whatever day you want to run, there are some great routes including the 10K perimeter trail, a mix of pavement and tracks. And at the Bushy Park Sports Club you can also book a tennis court, have a game of football or cricket, even a game of bowls, and swim year-round at the heated Hampton Pool and fitness gym.

Kestrels, kingfishers, woodpeckers and wild red deer

If you’re a wildlife lover, this is the park for you. It has more veteran and ancient trees than any other site in London. Bushy is a haven for thriving populations of endangered species of insects and birds, rare plants and great crested newts.  We’re working hard to keep Bushy Park as biodiverse as possible, and to protect the many creatures that call it home.

Bushy Park’s fountains, waterfalls and water gardens

Bushy Park’s most famous landmark is the Grade I listed Diana Fountain but there are other, wonderful water features, lakes and ponds throughout the park. The elegant 18th century Waterhouse Woodland Gardens, with their cascades, pools and waterfall, make a peaceful setting to put the world on hold for a while. The distinctive long and winding Longford River is another lovely route to stroll. Or take a walk in the tranquil Waterhouse Woodland Gardens, where you’ll also find The Pheasantry Café.

The Bushy Park Playground

The Bushy Park Playground recently had a makeover and has some great new activities for very young children including the cradle swings and turtle drum, and a fantastic timber climbing frame for your older ones.

You’ll find the playground very close to the Diana Fountain and Hampton Court entrance.


Had a wonderful time in Bushy Park?

The Royal Parks are home to much of the city’s wildlife and amazing history. As a charity, we rely on kind people like you to help us care for Bushy Park. 

Anything you are able to give will help us continue to protect and preserve it.

  • Bushy Park playground

    Bushy Park Playground

    Bushy Park Playground is a popular adventure playground for children up to the age of 12, located near the Diana Fountain. Find out more.