Brompton Cemetry in winter
Brompton Cemetery

Welcome to Brompton Cemetery

Where the entire landscape was conceived as a garden as valuable for the living as for the dead.

Brompton Cemetery is one of London’s famed ‘Magnificent Seven’ – a series of spectacular cemeteries that were created to ease overcrowding in Victorian London.  

Nestled amidst the cemetery’s trees and wildflowers are over 35,000 gravestones and monuments.  

Some of the period’s most eminent individuals were laid to rest here – from feminist icon Emmeline Pankhurst to pioneering doctor, John Snow. 

But what else should you look out for next time you’re taking a peaceful stroll at Brompton? Running down the middle of the cemetery is the stunning Central Avenue, lined by gothic graves and ornate mausoleums. 

At the south end of the cemetery, the Central Avenue opens up into the Great Circle, bounded by awe-inspiring colonnades. Underneath these sit an extensive series of catacombs, where some Victorians chose to be laid to rest. Just the other side of the Grand Circle, you’ll see The Chapel, where events are sometimes held.  

The cemetery also boasts some important military memorials. Keep an eye out for a monument to London’s iconic Chelsea Pensioners, not far from the cemetery’s North Lodge Café – a peaceful spot to enjoy a coffee and listen to the birds.

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