The Royal Parks Guild Awards 2023

Royal Parks staff and supporters recognised at this year’s Guild Awards

Several Royal Parks staff members and some of those associated with the parks were recognised at the annual Royal Parks Guild Awards ceremony earlier this week, held at Hampton Court Palace.

The Royal Parks Guild is a voluntary partner organisation of The Royal Parks made up of those who work or have worked for the parks as well as those who are associated or were associated with the parks previously.

The Royal Parks Guild Awards

Each year the Guild seeks out those who have made a special contribution to the life and work of the Royal Parks, honouring their achievement with an award which is organised and presented by the Guild. On Tuesday 18 July the Royal Parks Guild recognised the outstanding achievement and service of the award winners including the presentation of its prestigious Wildlife Conservation Award, one former recipient being Sir David Attenborough.

The Wildlife Conservation Award which was presented to Claudia Watts (Royal Parks Officer, Greenspace Information for Greater London, GiGL).

Claudia Watts at The Royal Parks Guild Awards 2023

Claudia works for GiGL but is also part of the Royal Parks’ Ecology team, where she is responsible for managing the species and habitat data for all the Royal Parks land holdings across London. She has been instrumental in collecting and cataloguing important biological data to track wildlife and habitat patterns across the parks. The Wildlife Conservation Award recognises this invaluable work, and the wonderful team member Claudia is.

Outstanding contributions awards were presented to:

  • Pieter Morpurgo, Former Chair of the Friends of Bushy and Home Parks
  • Martin Einchcomb, Plant Specialist and Growing Team Leader, Historic Royal Palaces
  • Mustapha Guerfa, Baker and Café Manager, Colicci, Pheasantry Café, Bushy Park

Outstanding achievement awards were presented to:

  • Richard Griggs, Contract Manager, Kensington Gardens
  • Myles Martin, Former Future Gardeners Student

Long service awards were presented to:

  • David Stevens, Gardener, Kensington Gardens
  • William Brown, Gardener, Kensington Gardens
  • Gary Carter, Gardener, The Regent’s Park
  • Martin Moore, Gardener, The Regent’s Park
  • Dean Mares, Gardener, Hyde Park
  • Percy Douras, Gardener, Hyde Park
  • Beverley Bratchell, Former Gardener at The Royal Parks
  • Ian Brown, Deputy Head Green Keeper, Richmond Park Golf Course

The achievements of the Royal Parks apprentices are recognised at a separate annual awards ceremony that takes place in November, also organised, and presented by the Guild in association with the parks.

The Royal Parks is responsible for the running of Royal Parks Horticultural Apprenticeship scheme which began in 1962. The current version of the scheme started in 2008 and is run as a partnership between The Royal Parks, the Landscape Maintenance Contractors, the Learning Provider (now Capel Manor College) and The Royal Parks Guild - who provide mentoring, awards, masterclasses and other special events.

For more information about The Royal Parks Guild, including how to become a member, visit the website: The Royal Parks Guild (

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