Spring bedding in St. James's Park
St. James's Park

Blooms with a View Walking Tour

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12 April, 1:30pm - 3pm


St. James's Park



Admire the blooms in St. James's Park...

Friday 12 April, 1:30pm - 3pm

Ever wondered what goes in to creating the spectacular beds and shrubberies that light up St. James’s Park

  • Join Royal Parks Apprentice graduate and writer Fiona Kirkwood for a tour full of fascinating facts and personal stories
  • Discover the giant “vipers” that march through the park and beyond; the medieval fruit with a vulgar name featured in works by Chaucer and Shakespeare; and the ancient tree that symbolised a friendship for a German poet. 
  • Plus, enjoy an exclusive Q&A with the Head Gardener of St. James’s Park.
St. James's blooms with a view spring bedding

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